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Support Agreements

Contact sales if you are interested in a support agreement. We strongly prefer our customers to contact us prior to ordering a support agreement, in order to ensure that we will be able to provide the services and products our customers expect from us.

We currently provide three tiers of support agreements:

  • Support Level 3: The third tier is currently priced at €1000 per developer and year. Please ask us about discounts for additional developers. Support Level 3 includes:
    • Advanced technical support via email, provided by a core developer. You might e.g. send us a project and ask us to demonstrate how our code is to be integrated with your project code.
    • Renewal of access to updates for licensed products.
    • Maintenance guarantee. We will not discontinue products used by our active Level 3 customers, without providing hands-on help with the transition to a replacement product.
    • Faster bug-fixes. Level 3 customers who report issues will get fixes ahead of the release cycle.
  • Support Level 2: The second tier is currently priced at €400 per developer and first year. Please ask us about discounts for additional developers or renewal discounts. Support Level 2 includes:
    • Technical support via email. Technical questions might be answered by the addition of an adequate demo project on our download site.
    • Renewal of access to updates for licensed products.
  • Support Level 1: The first tier is free of charge and provided through our public nntp server at This tier is primarily intended for customers who only own licenses and/or download subscriptions.
Single Developer Licenses

Single developer licenses are sold through SWREG. All items feature minor version updates for the life time of the major version of the product, plus access to historical versions of the same product.

Currently single developer licenses might be ordered for the following products:

  • StreamSec Tools 4.0 Order
  • StreamSec Tools 2.3 Order
  • StreamSec PKC Tools 4.0 Order

The following products have been discontinued and are no longer supported or maintained, but are included with support agreements or subscriptions:

  • StreamSec Tools 2.1
  • StreamSec Tools 2.2
  • StreamSec Tools 3.0
  • StreamSec Mobile TLS Tools 1.0

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